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I'm K. Tempest Bradford, a writer, blogger, tech geek, and all around nerd. I'm such a big science fiction/fantasy/speculative fiction fan that I even write it (I know, pretty hard core!).

I have a non-Tumblr blog and that's where the majority of my long-form posts go. This blog is for my more fannish activities, link sharing, and squeeness.
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Politifact, you are fired. You are a mess. You are fired. You are undermining the definition of the word ‘fact’ in the English language by pretending to it in your name. The English language wants its word back. You are an embarrassment. You sully the reputation of anyone who cites you as an authority on factishness, let alone fact. You are fired.
Rachel Maddow after Politifact rates President Obama’s SOTU statement, “In the last twenty two months businesses have created more than three million jobs. Last year they created the most jobs since 2005.” half true.  (via kileyrae)

(via thestoutorialist)