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And he says he hasn’t heard about it…

But I actually like the guy so I decide to give him the benefit of a doubt and tell him and the other clueless folk in class what happened. I purposely left out the race of both parties when I did so and this was his response:

Prof: Obviously this guy is just a racist douche bag who doesnt have what it takes to be an actual cop so he goes around bullying people because he thinks he’s some kinda fucking vigilante. Probably thought he was doing his neighborhood a favor by harassing this kid for having the nerve to be black and cross the street.

Random Chick: How do you know the boy was african american?

Prof: Let’s be real here. Shit like this doesn’t happen to white kids. For those of you that didn’t realize that I’m sorry to burst your bubble but that’s a fact.

Chief Mike Chitwood ladies and gentlemen!

When I asked him why said douchebag hadn’t been arrested he said he had no idea but he was going to read up about it and told me to bring it up again in class next week. should be an interesting class…

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