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"How Racist Are You?" part 1 - Jane Elliott’s Brown Eye-Blue Eye Experiment

Part 2 | Part 3

If you haven’t seen this version of the video it’s a longer experiment done in Britain. The blue eyed group here is way, way more belligerent and refusing to listen and things these white people say… omg. At one point there’s a black woman who just gives this one blonde the best Imma Cut A Bitch face I’ve ever seen.

Also, don’t skip the interview at the end where Jane Elliot further cuts a bitch and doesn’t apologize for doing so.

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    She is just everything.
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    pretty sure my fists were clenched every single time that angry british lady was speaking.
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    This is a different version of the thing in the video I posted before. Still worth watching.
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    This. Is. Brilliant. And angry-making. And brilliant.
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    Wow, that puts a new spin on how things went down. Does she know which of the participants were actors?
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    I spoke with Ms. Elliott today and she said do not watch this video (How Racist are you?). Unbeknownst to her there were...
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    Spamming Jane Elliot because I love her