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I'm K. Tempest Bradford, a writer, blogger, tech geek, and all around nerd. I'm such a big science fiction/fantasy/speculative fiction fan that I even write it (I know, pretty hard core!).

I have a non-Tumblr blog and that's where the majority of my long-form posts go. This blog is for my more fannish activities, link sharing, and squeeness.
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io9 Newsstand: Best Stories of the Week for September 15 - 20

Remember last month when I talked about wanting to see more science fiction and fantasy translated into English from other languages? And I mentioned a secret project being hinted at by Clarkesworld’s Neil Clarke? It’s not a secret, anymore!

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Finished this very late last night. It’s a commission for a friend. Glass beads plus a stone rose. #31daysofjewelry


Commission piece for a friend! Working on finding a second black rose in which case I’ll make a second pendant. #31daysofjewelry

At the Froud exhibition at @afanyc. This one is by Wendy.

And finally, a closeup of the bracelet. #31daysofjewelry

I made the bracelet @maryrobinettekowal wore with her pretty blue dress this evening. Here she is modeling it. #31daysofjewelry

Leanna Renee Hieber reading at KGB. dressed like she just stepped out of her own novel.

. @maryrobinettekowal reads from her next series (after Glamourist). #nyc

I want to like the Hullablloo project, but then there’s that thing…


Madame X’s Tears. Earrings and pendant, works as a set but sold separately. #31daysofjewelry  

(There’s another set coming up that is complimentary to this one, so if you like it keep an eye out.)

$20 earrings, $10 pendant, $25 together. Plus shipping.